Strength and Conditioning Class Has Mental and Physical Benefits


Sladen Vitela Arehart

An all female strength and conditioning class has become a popular elective at GCHS.

Sladen Vitela Arehart, Staff Reporter

Great Crossing High School provides many electives that allow students to select classes that they would personally enjoy. One of the electives is strength and conditioning. There is also a class specifically for female students that are interested in strength and conditioning. Both classes are beneficial for the students physically and mentally.

Everyone has their reasons to weightlift, self-love, health, or just as a fun hobby. Senior Noah Woodruff, player for the Great Crossing football varsity team explained his reason for choosing this elective.  “I lift so I can get stronger and to make myself better.” Woodruff plans on continuing weightlifting even after graduation. “I would continue so I can better my body and help me get more confidence and be a better athlete.” 

The result is nice, but if you’re only in it for the end result then you’ll lose your passion for it. So for me, I mainly focus on progress.

— Isaac Cecil, GCHS student

Junior Isaac Cecil started his journey with strength and conditioning last year. “I wanted to build up my size to help me in martial arts.” Since martial arts is a very physically demanding activity, focusing on increasing strength is helpful. 

Senior Jake Long is a varsity football player who does weightlifting.  His goal is “to get better at football, and to get stronger and better looking.” Long also acknowledged that weightlifting goes deeper than just physical appearance.  He said, “It’s made me more confident.”

Strength and conditioning classes allow kids to learn and gain better mindsets. Mindsets can help throughout one’s life.  When lifting weights, one can’t have a soft mindset.  A weightlifter has to be determined and allow themselves to work as hard as they can. When going into the weight room Woodruff’s mindset is, “I need to get better, and I need to be better than I was yesterday and do better than I did last week and to not let anyone stop me.”

Results of weightlifting are very important but the journey to reach a goal is just as important. Cecil works hard and his results are noticeable, but he prefers the journey. “The result is nice, but if you’re only in it for the end result then you’ll lose your passion for it. So for me, I mainly focus on progress.”