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Henderson, Kentucky, where this photo was taken, was a prime viewing spot for the eclipse.

Solar Eclipse Ignites Interest in Science and Space

Piper McGuffey, Staff Reporter April 9, 2024

On April 8th, 2024, the total solar eclipse will be visible throughout parts of  Kentucky. This opportunity will be partially visible in Georgetown and will make its way in full totality throughout the...

Seniors Grace Carlin, Katie Hale and Shelby Spore enjoyed their junior prom.  All three are making plans to attend senior prom this year on April 13th.

Community Resources Available to Help All Students Enjoy Prom

Katie Hale, Staff Reporter March 4, 2024

As students gear up for the annual GCHS prom in April, some families may be worried about their ability to afford formal wear for their students to wear. The YSC (Youth Service Center) is collecting gently...

Mastering safety principles comes first in the electricity pathway, but then students participate in many hands-on learning situations.

CTE Pathways Expand to Include Electricity

Kendra Brewer, Staff Reporter February 26, 2024

Great Crossing High School offers a CTE (Career and Technical Education) program that allows students to explore many career driven pathways to prepare them for their future in the workforce. The most...

DanceBlue hopes to exceed the amount of money raised last year.  This is joint event with SCHS.

DanceBlue Returns for Its Second Annual Event in February

Kimber Lawrence, Staff Reporter February 1, 2024

This year Great Crossing High School and Scott County High School plans to host their second annual fundraiser for DanceBlue on February 24th, 2024 in the GCHS gym.  In the next few weeks, the Dance Blue...

High school students can take dual credit courses for free thanks to a grant through KHEAA.

Dual Credit Options Can Help Students Transition to the College Workload

Katie Hale, Staff Reporter January 26, 2024

Many students at GCHS can benefit from taking dual credit courses. A student in a dual credit course receives credit for both the high school and college levels.  Dual credit classes can give students...

The canned food drive culiminates in a school wise assembly each year where a display of donated items is constructed by students.

Canned Food Drive Provides Leadership Opportunities While Helping the Community

Piper McGuffey, Staff Reporter November 30, 2023

As the holiday season comes around, individuals who experience food insecurity are faced with increased levels of stress. While the Amen House collects food donations for these individuals year-round,...

Administration asked students to refrain from parking in the cafeteria lot this school year, and many students have mixed emotions regarding the change.

Changes in Parking Create Mixed Emotions This School Year

Shelby Spore, Staff Reporter October 31, 2023

This year at Great Crossing High School, the school administration introduced a new rule for student drivers to follow. Students have been given only one parking lot to use. This is a large shift from...

Student council members were involved in the planning of the Homecoming dance held in October.

Student Council Holds First Ever Officer Election

Piper McGuffey, Staff Reporter October 30, 2023

For the first time in Great Crossing’s history, student council officers were chosen through a student election. In the past, student council was led by student leaders, but not by a set group of leaders...

DanceBlue Marathon Proves to be a Success for Scott County

DanceBlue Marathon Proves to be a Success for Scott County

Lily Thompson, Staff Reporter April 27, 2023

This year, Great Crossing High School partnered with Scott County High School to host a DanceBlue mini marathon.   The county’s DanceBlue was inspired by the University of Kentucky’s DanceBlue 24...

GCHS Prepares to Switch to a Block Schedule

GCHS Prepares to Switch to a Block Schedule

Jena Lowry, Staff Reporter April 10, 2023

As this school year comes to a close, it’s time to start planning for the year ahead. Students have recently been informed that GCHS  and SCHS will move from a traditional 6 period schedule to a form...

Elective Choices Continue to Grow at GCHS

Elective Choices Continue to Grow at GCHS

Lily Thompson, Staff Reporter March 31, 2023

As this school year ends, students are looking forward to new classes to take next year. Electives are exciting and allow students to have a variety of opportunities in learning something they’re interested...

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