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Taylor Swift Continues to Command Respect from Many

Katie Hale
The Eras tour was one of the most popular concerts for 2023, with many members of the Warhawk Nation snagging tickets for the Nashville and Cincinatti shows.

Recently, Taylor Swift has taken the world by storm, breaking records hand over foot and captivating people of all ages everywhere. Some may listen to Swift’s music casually and others are diehard fans. Whether you like her or not, Taylor Swift is a household name around the globe. 

When Swift’s career took off in 2006 with the release of her debut album, Taylor Swift, she had no clue where she’d be today. From winning Album of the Year three times at the Grammys to having the highest grossing concert movie of all time (Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour) Swift continues to gain the respect of many.

Personally, something that makes Taylor so inspiring is her ability to bring out a unity amongst a community of people worldwide.

— Brooke Blair, GCHS social studies teacher

Brooke Blair, a social studies teacher at GCHS, has been a Swiftie since the beginning. “I have been listening to Taylor Swift since her debut album in 2006. I have memories of singing Teardrops On My Guitar and Our Song with my sister in my childhood bedroom.” 

Many artists are criticized for every move they make, and despite Swift‘s popularity, she is no different. Blair said that, “I find Taylor Swift inspiring for so many reasons. Her music is lyrical, honest, and vulnerable. She has been criticized her entire life but still rises to the occasion.” 

Many people see Swift as a role model and an inspiration in many different areas of life.  People look up to Swift in the musical sense or in just how she presents herself as a successful business woman. Bryan Munoz, a senior at GCHS, finds Swift admirable. “Personally, something that makes Taylor so inspiring is her ability to bring out a unity amongst a community of people worldwide.”

Senior Grace Carlin also finds Swift incredibly inspiring. “I am inspired by her work ethic. I don’t know anyone else who can go on tour and re-release two albums at the same time…she’s a powerful force.” 

Swift uses her platform to speak out on certain events and views she has also, from reminding people to use their right to vote to fully supporting the LGBTQ+ community. “I respect her strength and ability to believe what she truly believes in, and not let the media change her perspective,” said Carlin. 

While Swift has been a household name for a good amount of time now, recently it seems she is more than that. “While Taylor has always been a prominent artist, recently her numbers have always been off of the charts. But, what’s to blame for these numbers is how the media has expanded, allowing her music to reach platforms it didn’t before,” stated Munoz. When Swift’s career first took off things like Spotify and Apple Music were not as prominent as they are now. 

Both Carlin and Blair believe that Taylor re-recording her albums and The Eras Tour have helped skyrocket her career, especially this year. “I think she has skyrocketed recently because of the success of the Eras tour and rerecording her albums. Both fans and non-fans acknowledge the handwork and talent behind the Eras tour,” stated Blair. 

It’s no secret that performing a three hour show with sixteen outfit changes and no lip syncing takes a ton of stamina. “I don’t feel like I see enough people talking about her performance quality. It’s incredibly impressive that she goes on stage for three hours and never stops, she deserves way more recognition for that alone,” said Carlin.

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Katie Hale
Katie Hale, Staff Reporter
Katie Hale is a senior at Great Crossing High School, and this is her second year reporting for The Crossing Chronicle. She is a member of the GCHS Varsity dance team and enjoys shopping and going to concerts. Katie will be attending the University of the Cumberlands fall 2024 on a dance scholarship.

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    Kristy JohnsonDec 6, 2023 at 7:22 am

    I love that you’re taking on such fun and timely topics. Great writing here!