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The Eras tour was one of the most popular concerts for 2023, with many members of the Warhawk Nation snagging tickets for the Nashville and Cincinatti shows.

Taylor Swift Continues to Command Respect from Many

Katie Hale, Staff Reporter December 4, 2023

Recently, Taylor Swift has taken the world by storm, breaking records hand over foot and captivating people of all ages everywhere. Some may listen to Swift’s music casually and others are diehard fans....

The Writers Strike in Hollywood disrupted show schedules for several media outlets this fall.

Writer’s Strike Impacts Streaming Services

Kendra Brewer, Staff Reporter November 2, 2023

The television industry recently handled a problem that could have changed entertainment forever. On May 2nd, 2023, the Writers Guild of America went on strike against the Alliance of Motion Picture and...

Tropidelic plays a wide variety of music and is worth seeing live.

Tropidelic Worth a Band Seeing Live in Concert

Preston Bond, Staff Reporter February 2, 2023

The lights in the Riverfront Live venue beam, sweat drips from my face, and my heart races from the opening acts. I look up at the stage as the main band walks on, and everyone in the venue goes crazy....

The latest movie in the Black Panther series arrivd in theaters November 11th and has pleased movie goers.

Newest Black Panther Pleases Fans

Cristian Leon, Staff Reporter December 14, 2022

Have you ever looked up to someone and they end up passing away? Although you don't personally know them, the loss of them still weighs heavy on your heart. When Chadwick Boseman, the actor that played...

Quadecas Latest Album is Worth a Listen

Quadeca’s Latest Album is Worth a Listen

Preston Bond, Staff Reporter November 29, 2022

I didn’t mean to haunt you is Quadeca’s third studio album, being the follow ups to voice memos and from me to you. This album is Quadeca’s first project 100% produced by himself. This album has...

Midnights is the latest album released from Taylor Swift in October 2022.

Taylor Swift’s Midnights Delights Fans Upon Arrival

Katie Hale, Staff Reporter November 28, 2022

In the first track on Midnights, “Lavender Haze” Taylor Swift sings the line “Meet me at midnight.” Fans did meet Swift when she released her latest album Midnights, on October 21st, 2022.  Midnights...

Fans of the Batman movies anxiously awaited this newest release and were not disappointed.

New Batman Movie Deserves Praise

Colin Ramey, Staff Reporter April 14, 2022

Ever since the announcement of The Batman, fans have been anxiously waiting to see how director Matt Reaves might take his vision of the caped crusader. With a lot of doubt and uncertainty surrounding...

Luck is a concept where many disagree.  Is it something to bring you good will or simple superstition?

Luck: Something of real benefit or simple superstition

Skylar Freeman, Staff Reporter March 22, 2022

When thinking of the month of March, one thinks of spring, blooming flowers, four leaf clovers, leprechauns, pots of gold and luck.  But what is luck really? What does it mean to have luck and to be lucky?  Some...

Wonder Woman 1984 Disappoints Viewers

Wonder Woman 1984 Disappoints Viewers

Bryanna Castro, Staff Reporter April 28, 2021

DC has taken their fair share of hits for letting down their fans with disappointing, badly directed movies. There was Batman vs. Superman, Justice League (not the Snyder cut), Green Lantern, and now Wonder...

Galvin’s Provides Great Food for Georgetown Dining

Madeline Allen, Staff Reporter April 14, 2021

Since 2008, Galvin’s on Main Street has been a Georgetown favorite. People of all ages come out every weekend to indulge in their variety of menu items. These dishes include, but aren't limited to, burgers,...

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Raya and the Last Dragon: A Movie Review

Maria Zarate, Staff Reporter April 6, 2021

Raya and the Last Dragon is yet another addition to Disney’s repertoire of animated films. Released via the Disney+ streaming service on March 5th, 2021, this film follows our protagonist, Raya, has...

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