Five Suggestions for Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Katie Hale, Staff Reporter

Many people have very different opinions on the holiday Valentine’s Day. To some, Valentine’s Day is a day full of love and romance, and to others it’s the worst day of the year. Whether you’re in a happy relationship, or have the goal of staying single forever, you can have fun celebrating the day of love. Whether it’s going to an expensive restaurant, or staying home and watching a movie, Valentine’s Day can be celebrated in whatever way you want. 

While some may think that Valentine’s Day is silly, overrated and cringe, others think it’s a great way to celebrate love and relationships. Junior Amelia Bowers enjoys the holiday. “I think Valentine’s Day is great either way you celebrate it. You can enjoy traditions with a friend or partner, both ways are still enjoyable to me,” she said.   

Some singles tend to worry and think they’ll be alone forever just because of a silly holiday. If you’re one of those people, look no further.  Browse the gallery for five ways to celebrate this year.