Warhawks You Should Know: Kylie Jo Curtis


Arianna McCurry

Kylie Jo Curtis serves as a peer tutor. Curtis is considering a career in education.

Arianna McCurry, Staff Reporter

This will be a regular feature where we introduce members of Warhawk Nation to our community.  Check back often to learn more about the people that walk the halls of Great Crossing High School.  If you are interested in being featured or have a suggestion for someone that we should know, please leave a suggestion in the comments.  

Name:  Kylie Jo Curtis, senior

Age: 17

Family: parents Mike and Sarah Curtis, sister Carson and dogs Abby and Lexie

Favorite Class Period: English with Mrs. Amanda Burrows

Favorite Warhawk Teacher: Mrs. Little.  She’s a good teacher, helps us understand, and lets us talk too.

After School Activities:  photography

Best Moment of the School Year: My visit to Morehead College with Jeanna Moss and Abby Dutra

Career Goals:  teacher (maybe)

Favorite Restaurant: Galvin’s

Favorite Artist/Musical Group: Post Malone

Quote to Live By:  Proverbs 3:6