Student Find Musical Genres That Work for Them


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Student listen to a wide range of musical genres on their phones.

Heather Alvarez Martinez, Staff Reporter

Many teenagers walk around with their headphones on, but what are they listening to? Is it Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” on repeat as they cope with a recent breakup?  Could it be Harry Styles’s “Late Night Talking” as they struggle to make it through their own day after choosing conversation over sleep? Or maybe it’s Cardi b and Kehlani’s “Ring” as they are waiting for their significant other to call them or stop playing with their feelings so they can move on with someone else. The genres in the music world are as varied as people, which allows everyone to discover what music type they enjoy the most.

Junior Victoria Velazquez’s culture influences the music genres she most enjoys.  Velazquez said, “My mom always plays and listens to Mexican music. I got her taste of music from her.” She has been around this type of genre since she was a toddler listening to this in her household everyday. Even though she has many favorite artists and groups, she loves to listen to Mexican music like banda, cumbia, nortenas, and corridos.

Not everyone grew up listening to the music that they enjoy listening to. Some genres were discovered through entertainment or social media.  Lauren Stefanic, junior, discovered Kpop one day from television. “I was watching BTS perform “Dynamite” on my TV, and I really liked that style of music.

Stefanic has branched out to many Kpop music artists since then. She loves listening to Kpop .She’s a superfan of the group Seventeen, and Stefanic feels that Kpop has influenced her in several ways.  Stefanic said, “It inspires the way I dress or act.” She feels like she has gotten more into fashion after she saw many Kpop artists.  Finally, she says that the genre has changed her way of thinking. She said, “I feel like I’m more open and thoughtful of different things.

The type of genre or artists that people enjoy listening to can bring comfort or inspiration. Freshman Angel Delarosa likes to listen to rap and Mexican music. “When I listen to these types of music, it keeps me from not stopping. It tells me to keep on going even if something hard ishappening.” Like Velazques, Delarosa he grew up listening to Mexican music but discovered rap through his friends.

Some people gravitate to genres because they have long lasting power.  Dacarie Price, junior, feels like eway about rap.  Price said, “Rap has been around for a long time and still is.  I usually listen to something on the radio.  If I hear something and I think it’s a pretty good song, I put it on my playlist.”

Dacarie feels like it’s important to give genres a chance, even if it’s not your usual.   Price said “Each person has their own opinion and not everyone has to like the same as you.”