Tropidelic Worth a Band Seeing Live in Concert


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Tropidelic plays a wide variety of music and is worth seeing live.

Preston Bond, Staff Reporter

The lights in the Riverfront Live venue beam, sweat drips from my face, and my heart races from the opening acts. I look up at the stage as the main band walks on, and everyone in the venue goes crazy. Everyone is so loud that I’m screaming as loud as I can, but yet I can’t hear my own voice. In this moment I feel almost…magical, like the feeling you have on Christmas as a kid. This is what it was like to see Tropidelic walk on stage at a performance at the Riverfront Live venture.  

This was only my second concert, so I really didn’t know what to expect, but I feel like even if I knew what to expect I still wouldn’t have been prepared for the amount of energy that Tropidelic and their opening bands brought to the space. 

The opening band The Palmer Squares really set the stage for how hype the concert would be. They were a rap duo with enough energy to fuel the whole venue. They played a lot of unnamed, unreleased songs that no one had ever heard before, which made the show feel special. I had no clue what to expect from The Palmer Squares before this concert, and they left me blown away.

The second band PASSAFIRE had the most diversity of the three bands, with songs from all different genres. They played rock, punk rock, reggae, and even heavy metal. Despite doing so many different styles, it left me surprised that they could do all the genres justice. Also while they were different from each other it still had its own style so it didn’t feel overwhelming. I enjoyed all of the different styles, but the ones that spoke to me the most were heavy metal and reggae. The heavy metal songs carried so much energy and made me feel like I could take on the world and win, and the reggae was really chill and different from the music that I hear on a day to day basis. PASSAFIRE was truly a breath of fresh air for music for me, and I really enjoyed the variety they brought to the concert.

Tropidelic was the main band, and they absolutely left me stunned. I had listened to Tropidelic before the concert, and I enjoyed the music, but it felt like I didn’t really appreciate it. Once I had seen them do their first song, I was fully captivated by their performance, and gained a new appreciation for the music. Their style was much different from the other bands. It was a blend of many different genres, which made their style sound unique. It was a mix of hip hop, rock, and reggae. Their live performance was incredible, they had tons of energy and really put on a great show. 

The finale was really special, all three of the bands came together to perform one song and they all did an amazing job of hyping up the crowd. It really felt like the perfect ending to the concert.

This Tropidelic concert was a very hype concert, and all three bands really brought the energy and made this concert really fun. Other than some issues with some people at the concert this concert was amazing, I rate this concert a 9/10. If you are interested in seeing Tropidelic live take a look at