Showing Creativity Through Art


Rachel Braswell

Senior KJ Tucker enjoys art for the chance to be creative.

Rachel Braswell, Staff Reporter

There are many definitions of art that vary from person to person. Some say it is an expression of oneself. Some say that art is a display of a person’s identity. Some say that it’s a waste of time or something to pass the time. Some say that it’s nothing more than a hobby. 

Stephen Lanham, the art teacher at GCHS, revealed what art means to him.  “The definition I give art is when you purposefully make something to elicit a response or reaction from the viewer. So you have to make it with the intention of some sort of communication or transmission of an idea.”

Students enrolled in art with Lanham at GCHS also have ideas about the meaning of art. KJ Tucker, senior,  said that, ”Art is the way people express themselves, ways that aren’t words on paper, a way to be creative.” 

Throughout history, art has been a creative way to let someone know how they feel without writing it down or saying it. For many people, this is the only way to express themselves.

Everyone’s relationship to art is different; one could spend hours creating a work of art. And another could be impatient and give up on it after a few minutes.  Lanham described his relationship as, “Lazy, I need to do better. I used to consider myself more of an artist, but since about 2010, I haven’t made much stuff. I’m trying to change that and start making more stuff. ” 

KJ Tucker said that, ”I’m not an artist myself but, I find it amusing to just sit back and draw whatever. It’s not very good.” Not every famous artist started out with a high level of talent; it’s always about perseverance and practicing to which someone becomes good at something. But the most important thing is that art is something to enjoy by everyone.

Art has a tendency to have some sort of value and mean something to people. Handmade gifts are often one way that artists can use their talents to show people that they care.  Lanham has often done this. “I always like to make gifts for people, it’s kinda fun to make something for somebody that they’re going to treasure. Something that I know that they’re going to keep and put in a prominent place in their homes. I think it’s kinda cool to know it’s going to outlast me. So y’know years from now that object will still be there even though I’m a dried up husk,” he said.