Psychology: A Course All High Schoolers Should Consider


Sammy Smith

Psychology is an elective that many students find worthwhile in high school.

Sammy Smith, Staff Reporter

Every student has a math class, a science class, a history class, and an English class, and while these courses are important and interesting, sometimes students can get caught up in the monotony of the required classes taken every year. So why not add a bit of enthusiasm to your everyday schedule? Add some excitement to the ebb and flow of every school day? Psychology is a class that will certainly add that extra element of interest to your school day, providing you with interesting and engaging lessons that you will enjoy for the entire year.

Psychology is one of, if not the most interesting course to take during high school. It delves into subjects that one wouldn’t normally associate with psychology normally. From how the body and brain develops, to why we feel happy or sad, psychology covers a range of topics that help gain a better understanding of why we humans act the way we do. The course has plenty of surprising material, some of which can be used for an advantage in everyday life. 

Scott Bruins is the psychology teacher at Great Crossing High School and teaches two classes, one AP Psychology and one psychology class, both of which include the most interesting aspects of the subject. “One is small which is conducive for students to share their own experiences. The other is larger, more inquisitive, and talkative. Both make for fun classes!” 

Bruins plans the courses to make all of the units as enjoyable as they can be, which generates some great activities and discussions about the topics. “Abnormal Psychology is always a favorite.  It’s interesting because we look at what happens when parts of our brain don’t work as intended. My personal favorite is probably Developmental Psychology. Partly, perhaps, because I can relate to it more as my own kids grow up.  It also helps understand how & why people become who they are in life.”

Bruins places a lot of importance on interaction with students to avoid the class from sounding like a lecture. Participation is huge in psychology, and Mr. Bruins is big on getting his students involved. “The more I can get them to talk and interact, the less I’m talking, and the more interesting the class is,” said Bruins. This also keeps the subject fresh for him to teach every year without it getting stale. “The content stays the same, but the personalities of students and classes change from year to year.” 

As psychology can sometimes be difficult, Mr. Bruins plays an integral role during class. Te units can become intense and confusing at some points, but he realizes this and plans accordingly. His methods prove successful, and his students have him to thank for making the concepts easier to understand. “Mr. Bruins teaches the subject in a way that fully engages his students and allows us to participate in activities that we can learn to incorporate in everyday life,” said GCHS junior Gabbie Phillips. 

When considering taking psychology, some might be drawn away from it because of the fear of difficulty or a boring subject, but what Great Crossing students should know is that every step is taken to make psychology an interesting and accessible subject for everyone. “Psychology relates to everyone, every relationship, and everything that we do.  The better we can understand ourselves, the better can improve ourselves and the world around us,” said Bruins. 

 “Our curriculum is so diverse, you’re bound to enjoy most of it–memory, intelligence, consciousness, sleeping, dreaming, personality, emotions, motivation, sensation, perception, neurology, and more!” said Bruins.

“I would definitely recommend psychology to other students, it’s without a doubt one of the most interesting classes you can take,” said GCHS Senior and psychology alumni Morgan Thiessen.

Psychology not only presents some of the most interesting coursework you will see during high school, it broadens your understanding of your own actions and others. Taking the class will not only add some variety to your schedule, it will provide you with knowledge that you directly connect to the real world. Psychology is undoubtedly worth considering, so if you have an open spot in your schedule for next year, consider filling it with psychology.