90s Fashion Trends Back in Full Force


Submitted by Kaylee Ray

Styles that were popular in the 90s are frequently seen in student outfits this year.

Kaylee Ray, Staff Reporter

Anyone who is familiar with the culture of the 90’s can’t forget the big chains worn by rappers, baggy jeans made famous by Allayiah, and the oversize t-shirts that were worn by all the characters on Beverly Hills 90210.  When strolling through the halls of Great Crossing, it’s clear to see that these styles popular with faculty that lived through the 90s have been embraced by students.  

During spirit week at Great Crossing High School we embraced the fashion of the 90’s by having a day dedicated to it. I noticed a lot of people wearing bandaids on their cheeks. This was inspired by another very famous songwriter/artist who is known as Nelly. If you know of Nelly, you might remember him wearing the bandaid on his face in his music video for Dilemma ft. Kelley Rowland.  I think that people made this really popular because it makes you feel more confident when someone famous wears the same thing that you do.

Micheal Jordan was in the debut of his basketball career when he decided to come out with his own brand of shoes. Many teenage athletes have been inspired by Jordan to wear his shoes. The first Jordan shoe introduced to the 90’s fashion was the Nike Air Jordan 1’s. When everyone saw their favorite basketball player wearing these fly shoes, they wanted a pair of their own. Assistant principal Jamie Haywood said, I had Jordans but only for basketball. My parents didn’t have a lot, so Jordans were my prized possession.” 

In addition to being a 90’s staple, the shoe is very lightweight and also very fashionable. Sophomore Jakobe Ray said, “They may be old school, but they’re still very fashionable and they have many different styles and colors of jordans that can match almost any outfit that you have.”

Baggy jeans became popular in the 90’s due to popular celebrities Aaliyah Haughton, Wu-Tang Clan, TLC, and Eazy E rocking them. They were a way for the hip hop industry to rebell and wear the uncoventionally sized fit just because. I started wearing baggy jeans when I saw Aaliyah’s famous music video for “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number” where her style really caught my eye. When I wear baggy jeans I feel really comfortable and stylish. I appreciate the fact that the baggy hip style hides my figure and allows people to focus more on my outfit. 

Tupac is who inspired me to get my nose pierced. Nowadays it’s not uncommon for males to have nose piercings but back in the 90’s it was, this is why I really liked the piercing because I love Tupac and everything that he stood for. When I first listened to a 2pac song I enjoyed it so much I wanted to learn all of them word for word. The infamous Tupac Shakur inspired me alot. I loved his music, the movies he was in, and his style. Junior Jakeece Patterson said, “I really like having piercings, especially my nose, because even if I wake up one day and hate how I look I feel like my nose ring makes me more confident.”