Y-CLUB Makes Strong Showing at KYA


Cash Turner

GCHS students listened to speakers in a general session at KYA. GCHS made a strong showing and brought home several awards from the conference.

Katie Feeback, Staff Reporter

On November 4-6, 2021, the Great Crossing High School Y-Club members attended the Kentucky Youth Assembly conference, also known as KYA. It was a successful experience for the students and one that earned much positive recognition for GCHS. 

KYA is a conference that allows students to experience model state government. Students can write and present bills that affect the Commonwealth, and debate on the bills introduced. Each person who attends KYA has a position. This can range from a delegate, lobbyist, even a presiding officer. 

Great Crossing High School senior, and Y-Club president, Ian VanSteenbergh was elected pro tempore, which has a lot of regulation responsibilities, at this year’s KYA. VanSteenbergh said, “We preside over debate. We pick the speakers, we run debates smoothly, and coordinate everything.”

Delegates present bills on a wide range of issues, ranging from legalizing marijuana to prison reform.  Sometimes bills presented are more controversial in nature.  One bill presented by GCHS students this year was one of those. Anna Murphy, a Great Crossing freshman and first year member of Y-Club said, “Our bill was pretty controversial. It was about abortion and creating more access to safe ones. This would provide a safe option, and lessen the number of deaths from unsafe abortions.”  Murphy also earned an Outstanding Delegate award as well for her presentation. 

The students who attend KYA collectively agree that the conference is a positive experience for them and others. This experience allows students to learn about state government while making connections with those around them.

Great Crossing junior, Alessandra Dellinger said, “I feel like my best self shows when I’m at any Y-Conference. This KYA, we had so many new people in our delegation, it felt like I was bonding with my peers I barely knew days before.”

At the 2021 KYA 1, the Great Crossing delegation earned the award for Most Outstanding Delegation. The award is given to the school that demonstrated the best techniques for presenting their bills, preparation and enthusiasm. 

GCHS Senior Noelle Eubanks was excited to see their honor come to the Y-Club chapter.  Eubanks said, “That was really cool, especially because we are a newer school. Last year we had like 8 people total participate, so seeing the club grow so much and be honored was amazing.”

VanSteenbergh was also pleased with the growth of Y-Club and its involvement at KYA.  He stated that “Great Crossing’s delegation was the highlight of 2021 KYA for me. Getting to know everyone that I didn’t know before, coming together to connect, and showing up and being the loudest school at the conference.”