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Congratulations to the Class of 2024!

Congratulations to the Class of 2024!

Katie Hale, Staff Reporter April 18, 2024

We wish the Class of 2024 all the best as leave Great Crossing High School.  We have enjoyed watching their grow over the past few years and will be excited to see what they do in the future.

Athletes always have to be aware of the fact that an injury can have great impacts on a season.

Injuries Can Complicate Seasons for Athletes

Kaydence Johnson, Staff Reporter April 16, 2024

Injuries are a reality of sports that all athletes have to unfortunately worry about. These injuries can range from minor sprains to serious fractures, concussions, and even ACL tears, which can seriously...

Students Have Many Summer Job Options

Students Have Many Summer Job Options

Madison Wesley, Staff Reporter April 9, 2024

Looking for a summer job in order to increase your bank account balance?  Check out these suggestions in the slideshow.

Prom styles have continued to evolve throughout the decades, although the changes are more noticable in womens attire than mens.

Prom Has Evolved Throughout History in Terms of Scale and Styles

Shelby Spore, Staff Reporter April 9, 2024

The end of the school year is often known as prom season for many high schools in the United States. Prom, an iconic event for many teenagers, has been a tradition celebrated by students since the late...

Henderson, Kentucky, where this photo was taken, was a prime viewing spot for the eclipse.

Solar Eclipse Ignites Interest in Science and Space

Piper McGuffey, Staff Reporter April 9, 2024

On April 8th, 2024, the total solar eclipse will be visible throughout parts of  Kentucky. This opportunity will be partially visible in Georgetown and will make its way in full totality throughout the...

Seniors Grace Carlin, Katie Hale and Shelby Spore enjoyed their junior prom.  All three are making plans to attend senior prom this year on April 13th.

Community Resources Available to Help All Students Enjoy Prom

Katie Hale, Staff Reporter March 4, 2024

As students gear up for the annual GCHS prom in April, some families may be worried about their ability to afford formal wear for their students to wear. The YSC (Youth Service Center) is collecting gently...

Update Your Wardrobe for Spring

Update Your Wardrobe for Spring

Kaydence Johnson, Staff Reporter March 1, 2024

Need to update your wardrobe for spring, or shopping for a teen in your life?  Check out this gallery for some favorite shops of GCHS female students.

The boys basketball team is one of the top teams in the state and is hoping to get a chance to go after the state title for 2024.

Boys Basketball Team Hopes to See More Students In Attendance

Kaylynn Crump, Staff Reporter February 27, 2024

The Great Crossing High School boys’ basketball team has started their season off strong with a 24-1 record. This is one of their best seasons in school history with a ranking as the top team in a state. ...

All juniors will take the ACT test during the school day on March 12th.  Many students have anxiety around big standarized tests such as the ACT.

ACT Test Creates Anxiety for Many Students

Hannah Angel, Staff Reporter February 27, 2024

With the testing season approaching, stress is something that builds as the dates for important tests get closer.  The ACT is a major test for many students since it is an entrance exam used by most colleges...

Mastering safety principles comes first in the electricity pathway, but then students participate in many hands-on learning situations.

CTE Pathways Expand to Include Electricity

Kendra Brewer, Staff Reporter February 26, 2024

Great Crossing High School offers a CTE (Career and Technical Education) program that allows students to explore many career driven pathways to prepare them for their future in the workforce. The most...

Ideas for Inexpensive Valentines Gifts

Ideas for Inexpensive Valentine’s Gifts

Piper McGuffey, Staff Reporter February 15, 2024

Ideas for Spending Time with Your Special Someone

Ideas for Spending Time with Your Special Someone

Shelby Spore, Staff Reporter February 15, 2024

Valentine's isn't the only day of the year when people want to spend time with their significant other.  As we move into spring and summer, check out this collection for a way to shake up your date night...

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