Fall Season Filled With Activities for Students


Submitted by Achaia Griggs

Senior Achaia Griggs has enjoyed attending GCHS football games this season and participating in Kettle activities.

Emily Kessler, Staff Reporter

It’s finally that time of year when leaves are starting to change and the temperature is getting cooler. For students attending Great Crossing High School, it’s also an exciting time filled with activities that range from sports, road trips, and pumpkins. 

For Achaia Griggs, a senior at Great Crossing, football games are a highlight of her fall.  “Football season is definitely it for me! I’ve been to every game but one. I go with my friends and we always dress up for the themes,” she said. Griggs enjoys being able to cheer on the Great Crossing team, especially with her friends. For Griggs, being with her friends is what makes all the moments special. “When you have people with you, it’s just so much better,” she went on to say. 

High school football events are not the only ones students are attending. Ellie Roberts, a sophomore at Great Crossing, attends the college level Kentucky football games with her friends during the fall. “There’s a lot of people, and we haven’t been able to be around a lot of people recently. It’s good to go see everyone, and cheer for the team we like!” she explained. With past restrictions on how many people could go to an event, like a football game, Roberts expressed how nice it was to be with the masses again. 

For Natalie McCord, a junior at Great Crossing, carving pumpkins and concerts are the best part of fall for her. “I like carving pumpkins. I am very talented when it comes to pumpkin carving,” McCord said.

Football season is definitely it for me! I’ve been to every game but one. I go with my friends and we always dress up for the themes.

— Achaia Griggs, senior

McCord explained about her process for achieving the perfect pumpkin carving. “It all starts with choosing the perfect pumpkin! You have to make sure you have enough surface area for the design you have in mind.” She likes going to her local pumpkin patch to find that perfect pumpkin, and to her Kroger pumpkins do not come close to a farm grown pumpkin. 

Not every fall tradition McCord has involves pumpkins though.  Enjoying a concert is a frequent fall activity for her.  “Coincidentally, most of the concerts I go to happen in October,” she said. Concerts are a huge interest of McCord. She loves being able to see artists bring her favorite songs to life. Previously she saw 5 Seconds of Summer and Taylor Swift. This year she will be seeing the group LANY.  

Of course Halloween is a staple of the fall season. Students make the best of the holiday, even though they may miss the trick or treating elements of the holiday. Roberts said, “[I miss] trick or treating! I mean it’s free candy, so why not.”  She shared that one of her favorite Halloween memories was when she dressed up as a Juicy Juice box. 

However, other students still enjoy seeing all the decorations and costumes for Halloween, even if they aren’t participating in them. “I love seeing everyone be creative with their costumes and decorations,” McCord said.  

Furthermore, one thing all students could agree on for this fall season made them realize that as teenagers they may miss out on some family time.  “I definitely feel like [I miss] the time you spend with your parents when you were younger. I miss getting that family connection in the fall cause now it’s like you do your own thing. My mom and I used to play with dolls outside, and then my brother and I used to build legos on the porch,” Griggs stated.   As we grow older, it’s found that we start spending more time out of the house and with our friends.

While being with our friends is great for us students, it causes them to reflect on the time they used to spend with their families. “My aunt used to make pumpkin pie every fall break when we carved pumpkins, but she doesn’t do that anymore [because] all her kids are older now,” McCord said. 

With roughly two months left in the fall season, there is still time to create those unforgettable moments. Catch the Great Crossing football team in one of their last home games, restart a family tradition that may have gone to the wayside and enjoy creating memories this fall.