Concerts Create Distinct Experience for Teens


Submitted by Kendra Brewer

Concerts are a unique experience for many teenagers.

Kendra Brewer, Staff Reporter

Flashing lights. Loud screaming. Blaring music. Concerts are the dream place for loud music lovers. They bring out the true excitement and serotonin, leaving one screaming along joyfully to your favorite song. Between colors flashing every direction and your favorite artists being in front of you, what else truly goes into concerts completing your adolescence?

Concerts are something that can get anybody jumping with joy. The real question though is why. Junior Connor Price said,  “Teenagers are into all these really big bands and artists, and it becomes surreal to see them in person.”

You need to have fun in your youth. For some concerts are the epitome of fun.

— Zachary Kruse, junior

Many may not go to a concert just for the experience of seeing the artist, but for the fun itself. “The atmosphere is so fun and seeing the crowd all sing along just brings everyone together,” Price continued.  “It’s just overall a very fun place to see and hear live music. Loud music really gets you pumped.” Besides an artist, the music itself holds a true sense of excitement in the moment. 

Junior Ainsley Yates appreciates concerts because they are a distinct experience.  “Concerts are a fun, exciting, and unique experience. My favorite part is singing along to the music and seeing everyone else doing so as well.”

Concerts can hold an experience like no other. You can be as loud as you want with no repercussions of having fun. Yates finishes with, “Getting to scream at the top of my lungs with music blasting was one of the most amazing feelings I’ve had.”

For a teenager, living while you’re young is the best way to experience youth. Junior Zachary Kruse explains, “You need to have fun in your youth. For some concerts are the epitome of fun.” 

Although being in such a large group of people can be stressful, it becomes very accepting realizing they are there for the same reasons as you. Kruse added, “Concerts bring a bunch of people together who are all interested in the same genre, artist, or group.”