Music Has Many Benefits to Students


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Music can relieve stress as well as boost one’s mood.

Lily Thompson, Staff Reporter

Music is a beautiful connector for many of us and often impacts people’s moods. From sharing an earbud with a friend, to screaming the lyrics at a concert, people hang on to the joy that music gives the world. Many songs and artists cause people to feel close to them. Music also becomes a lifeline for many individuals and situations. From the old man who bags your groceries humming his favorite song to the quiet kid in the back of class listening to their school playlist to get through the day, we all have music that brightens our day like nothing else does. 

According to Palladium Private,a group that focuses on mental health and the wellbeing of the mind, music has the benefit of lifting moods, boosting  confidence, helping with relaxation, and expressing negative emotions and getting them out of the system. 

Junior Mina McEuen said, “Music isn’t transparent, and the way it impacts you isn’t simple or concrete, but it definitely changes how you feel mentally, music gives me a purpose and makes me understand my worth.”

McEuen enjoys listening to music for hours a day.  Music allows her to focus on her music theory and math homework. “It helps me focus, because it keeps me from worrying about other parts of my life. I usually worry about small things that aren’t worth my time, but if I can listen to music, I can center my energy on something other than what is bothering me,” she said.

Stephen Lanham, Great Crossing’s arts/humanities teacher, is a huge fan of music. He is known for his wide variety of music playing in the art room before school and during class as well. Lanham believes that music helps influence his mood. Lanham stated, “Music is a soundtrack to life, like music in movies. You can select the mood you want to feel and feel that emotion, and boost the happy chemicals in your brain!”

Lanham has played music for his students since he started teaching and he appreciates the benefits from it.  He explained, “It occupies the part of your brain called flow. This makes you forget time in a way, and music helps you concentrate and forget to check your phone or talk to the kid sitting next to you.” 

One song that Lanham often plays for his students is “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World.  Lanham believes that the song cheers anyone up during a tough time when those happy chemicals aren’t flowing just right. It is a super positive energy type song and has the message, “Everything is gonna be alright!” 

At times, live music can be more influential than recorded music. Seeing the artist that has helped you through difficult times can be heartwarming, Sophomore Sophia Rice said, “I have been to small local concerts on Main Street, and I saw a band called Rags and Riches, and I felt really close to them after screaming the lyrics to covers they did with my best friend! This music has made me closer to people I didn’t know before and helped me through several rough times in my life.”  

Next time life feels a little chaotic or confusing, consider turning on the music.