Warhawks You Should Know: Noelle Eubanks



Noelle Eubanks stays busy with a variety of school activities.

Roxy Lockard, Staff Reporter

This will be a regular feature where we introduce members of Warhawk Nation to our community.  Check back often to learn more about the people that walk the halls of Great Crossing High School.  If you are interested in being featured or have a suggestion for someone that we should know, please leave a suggestion in the comments.  

Name:  Noelle Eubanks

Age: 15, sophomore

Family: Mom, Denise Eubanks, Dad, Rob Eubanks, sister Danielle and dog Dixie

Favorite Class: I really like WHAP, but I don’t love how much work there is.

Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Kim Smith

After School Activities:  Cross country, swim team, Warhawk Ambassadors, DECA and Y-Club

Part-Time Job:  lifeguard at the Pavilion

Best Moment of the School Year:  Going to KYA–a Y Club event

Career Goals:  entrepreneur with a coffee shop business

Favorite Restaurant: MOD Pizza

Favorite Artist/Musical Group: Hobo Johnson

Quote to Live By:  “Act confident and no one will question you.”