Students Find Reasons to Be Grateful Even in 2020

While 2020 has been difficult for many, students have been able to practice gratitude.

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While 2020 has been difficult for many, students have been able to practice gratitude.

Bryanna Castro, Staff Reporter

Everyone was excited for the new year of 2020, with some calling it the new roaring 20s. The start of a new year always creates an exciting tension in the air. A time to restart and create resolutions, to get a new job, or to graduate from school. Yet, the year turned into something we had not expected. A pandemic hit globally, sending everyone shut in their house for months. Riots started, killer hornets roamed, wildfires destroyed families’ properties. The year turned out for many, terrible. Various persons were lost in the constant shadows of 2020. Humanity has to dig deep and find the hidden light as we approach the end of this year. 

Many people have been isolated in their homes for months since we want to reduce the amount of COVID cases. Fiona Cahalan, a sophomore at GCHS, was successful in finding something to do during quarantine. “I enjoy reading books, and they are a bit of an addiction. But you could only read so many books!” 

People with anxiety or introverted tendencies may have enjoyed the alone time, but even introverts, or those alike, need to be anywhere other than just their house all the time. Cahalan admitted she was ready for less isolation.  “It’s nice socializing with people, hanging out with people.” 

There was once a time when people could walk across the street just to say hello to their fellow neighbors without any concern about bringing something back to their home. Many people need that social interaction. Hannah Johnson, a sophomore at GCHS, said, “I’m a very social person, I like doing things with friends way more than being by myself.” 

Sadly, that time has passed and we have to figure out new ways to commune with our friends and family. Luckily, 2020 is a time where technology thrives. Adults and students are able to facetime and text their friends. While it isn’t the same as being in-person, it is better than nothing. The technology people might have had during the 1980’s–no phones, no internet, etc.– would have made people’s lives very difficult. Many people should be thankful for the current technology 2020 holds. 

Family is one of the most important things to be grateful for. Having someone by your side through trying times keeps worry at bay. Possibly, even, to create brilliant laughter inside a house that has not been laughed in for months. 

Once quarantine started in March, people were forced to be in close quarters with the people they live with for long periods of time. Whether that be a roommate, family member, or even a pet. While some may have continued on with their life without much happening, many have spent more time with their family due to quarantine. 

“Back in Florida with my larger family, I’d say it wasn’t much different,” Cahalan states, talking about how her family acted during quarantine, “But here, I’d say maybe more (happened), we played a lot of board games.” 

Cahalan had moved from Florida to live with her grandparents. Throughout quarantine she grew closer with her grandparents, playing various card games and board games. 

Picking up new hobbies can always dampen the negative impact 2020 may have made on people. In another interview, Rose Seivers, a junior at GCHS, remarked, “Probably painting, I did a lot of that,” She gives a soft smile when asked why, “ Well, because I feel like whenever I do it, like, art has no mistakes, you know.” 

Hobbies can create wonderful memories when pursued. Johnson said, “I started to work out regularly and I liked it because it made me feel healthier.” 

It’s a thing that can be remembered for a lifetime. It’s good to remember a fun hobby other than a lonely, worried memory from quarantine. Hobbies help increase a person’s creativity and well being. This is a tremendous attribute to be grateful for. 

Despite the somewhat calm nature of quarantine, many people have been affected by the global pandemic. Families were separated, jobs were lost, and people got extremely sick. That does not take away the fact that there are some joyful memories brought by this hectic year. Some students have found reasons to be grateful for 2020, hopefully, others will find ways to be grateful too.