DanceBlue Marathon Proves to be a Success for Scott County

Lily Thompson, Staff Reporter

This year, Great Crossing High School partnered with Scott County High School to host a DanceBlue mini marathon.   The county’s DanceBlue was inspired by the University of Kentucky’s DanceBlue 24 hour marathon. UK’s version has been going on for 17 years and raises money for the Markey Cancer Research Center and UK Children’s Hospital Hematology/Oncology Clinic. This fundraiser started as honoring the final wish of a young boy in 2002 named Jarrett Mynear after a battle with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare bone cancer. 

The idea for a DanceBlue event in Georgetown originated with Cami Sargeant, a student at SCHS.  During a conversation with Mrs. Katie Booth, it was suggested that the two high schools in Georgetown partner for one event.  Abby Smith, a junior at GCHS, agreed to be the student chairperson for GCHS and worked with Melissa Smith, teacher sponsor for DanceBlue, on efforts to get students involved and interested in DanceBlue. Students promoted the event by making posters and creating an Instagram page with information and promos for DanceBlue Scott County. 

I hope that in the years to come, we continue to grow and raise into the ten thousands.. I am forever grateful for this opportunity as a person and as a school to help save lives.

— Abby Smith, junior

The committee’s goal was to raise $5000. In order to reach the goal, the committee hosted a DanceBlue 5K, multiple fundraising events at local restaurants, as well as sold tickets to the actual DanceBlue Scott County marathon. 

The dance marathon was held on April 14th, from 6 pm until 11 pm. DanceBlue had scheduled activities for each hour including dancing, games, and competitions. At the beginning of the dance, students learned to do a special DanceBlue line dance. Sophomore committee member Olivia Noffsinger explained,  “Everyone was able to learn the dance at the beginning of the night, and then were able to get hyped about it in the hours to come.” 

DanceBlue had a large variety of activities to keep the students’ energy up. These activities consisted of inflatable races, photo booths, and competitions between the two schools in games of dodgeball, 9-square, tug-of-war and cornhole. Students had an incredible night dancing with friends and playing these games. Sophomore Aubrey Sutton attended and had a great time.  Sutton said, “I love dancing, and the fact that this fundraiser was helping an important cause made the entire experience even more special.”

The marathon concluded with the committee announcing that $6,455.64 had been raised for the kids. Melissa Smith was very happy with the outcome.  She said, “I was excited for the members of the DanceBlue committee and the students in attendance to see the donation that had been raised through their efforts.” 

Senior Emily Kessler was on the DanceBlue planning committee.  She said, “Working on DanceBlue was a proud moment for me and so many others. I am very proud of the amount of money we raised as a school, and I think the organization went really well in general.”

This is the start to a new tradition for Scott County schools and next year’s event is already in the planning stages. Abby Smith said, “I hope that in the years to come, we continue to grow and raise into the ten thousands.. I am forever grateful for this opportunity as a person and as a school to help save lives.”