Looking for the perfect Christmas movie to enjoy with family and friends? Elf may be just what you need.

Andrew Poole, Staff Reporter

Winter break is a time when students get two weeks off from school, and for a lot of students the question arises of what to do with the extra time. One of the things students can do is watch movies since it can be an activity enjoyed alone, or with others.  Compiled below is a list of classic winter movies, new winter movies, loved winter movies, bad but enjoyable winter movies, and winter movies to watch as a family.


White Christmas (1954) Rated: Not Rated

Summary: Four performers go to rural Vermont to perform a show. The two men of the group see their leading officer from the time in the Army who is struggling to keep his inn open. The performers decide to put on a show in order to try and help the general with his financial problems.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer(1964) Rated: G:

Summary: Rudolph is a reindeer born with a red nose instead of a black one and is picked on for being different. Rudolph runs away with an elf because they feel like they do not belong. Rudolph and the elf are brought back to the North Pole because Santa needs Rudolph to lead him because it is hard to see that night.

New Movies:

  Noelle (2019) Rated: G: Available on Disney+

Summary: Santa’s daughter wants to do something important with her life like her brother Nick who is supposed to take over for their father. Her brother is doing a terrible job at trying to be Santa so his sister tells him to take a break. Nick goes missing it leaving it to Noelle to save Christmas.

Black Christmas (2019) Rated: PG-13: In Theaters

Summary: A group of college girls on winter break get calls from an unknown person and after one of the girls threatens the person on the other end of the phone he threatens the girls. A friend of the girls goes missing and another girl is found dead leading the girls to think there is a serial killer nearby.

Well Loved Christmas Movies:

Elf (2003) Rated: PG:

Summary: Buddy is an elf who discovers that he is actually a human who’s mom died when he was a baby and whose dad abandoned him. Buddy finds out his dad is living in New York city and goes to find his true family. On Christmas Eve Santa’s sleigh crashes and Buddy and his family have to help him save Christmas.

Home Alone (1990) Rated: PG:

Summary: Kevin McAllister is forgotten at home while his family goes on a trip for Christmas. Kevin has to try and live on his own while they are gone by going shopping, meeting new people, and taking care of himself and his house. Two criminals attempt to rob his house and he must find a way of defending himself and his family’s house.

Disney’s A Christmas Carol(2009) Rated: PG:

Summary: Ebenezer Scrooge is a grumpy old man who only cares about money and making it regardless of why day of the year it is. Scrooge is then visited by three ghosts to try and make him into a more kind and caring person in an attempt to save himself and those around him.

Bad but Enjoyable: 

Jingle All the Way (1996) Rated: PG:

Summary: Howard Langston is never home for his family and his son Jamie only wants one thing for Christmas and Howard forgot to buy it. Howard must then race to all of the stores in the city to try and find one but he is having trouble because it is the hottest toy on the market.

Deck the Halls (2000) Rated: PG:

Summary: Danny just moved to a new neighborhood and wants to decorate his house for the Holidays but he wants to have the best display possible and makes it visible from space. His neighbor Steve is not happy about how many lights is on Danny’s house as they are on all night. Danny and Steve fight back and forth all while trying to find out what Christmas is all about.

For the Family: 

Frozen (2013) Rated: PG:

Summary: Sisters Anna and Elsa’s parents died when they were just children and now Elsa will be crowned queen. During her coronation it is accidentally revealed that Elsa has ice powers and she flees from her home. Anna and Hanz go to get her back and Anna gets a frozen heart that can only be thawed by an act of true love.

Polar Express (2004) Rated: G:

Summary: A magical train appears outside of a boys home and he boards the train and destined for the North Pole. On the train ride the boy meets many new people and has to try and keep other kids from getting kicked off the train. The boy must put his life on the line in order to save the train and it’s passengers.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) Rated: PG: 

Summary: The Grinch hates Christmas because of how he was treated when he was younger and wants to ruin it for everyone else in Whoville. Sydney Lou Who sees some good in the Grinch though and tries to get him to be a better person. After he steals all the decorations and gifts for Christmas the Grinch hears The Who’s singing and realizes that nothing can ruin Christmas so he brings all the gifts and decorations back.