CTE Students Prepare to Hold Spring Bazaar


The spring bazaar will have numerous student designed and produce items that will be great gifts for spring holidays.

Ana Garcia, Staff Reporter

After having a successful Career Technical Education (CTE) fall bazaar, Great Crossing High School will be hosting a spring bazaar on April 30th in the school’s cafeteria and the greenhouse. 

The CTE spring bazaar allows students to showcase some of their own skills and talents that they have learned in their specific pathway. Students will brainstorm ideas for products they want to design, produce, and sell at the bazaar.

The bazaar also serves as a fundraiser for the pathway classes. The money earned is used to help purchase materials for projects that will help students grow their skills even further.

The spring bazaar will be different from the fall bazaar because students now have an idea of what to expect and how to prepare. It will also highlight products that are appropriate for the spring season.  Marissa Hancock, a business and entrepreneur teacher at Great Crossing, explained, “The spring bazaar is a little different in the sense that we are focusing on spring items rather than fall items. However, we have new products that we will be showcasing, and those products include things that we have partnered with local businesses.” 

— Piper McGuffey, sophomore

Hancock also stated, “We have a good range of items for this particular spring bazaar. We have partnered with Sword Performance, which is a local beverage business, and we’re working on making a Healthy Warhawk popsicle for hydration. We do have our lanyards that sold so well at the fall bazaar, and we will continue to sell those ,as well as some smaller items like air fresheners and tumblers. We have about twelve different student groups that will have products in the IT and business services program area.”

Sophomore Piper McGuffey is a sophomore student helping with spring bazaar preparations for the business and entrepreneur pathway. She explained, “We have partnered with Chocomania, a chocolate business located here in Georgetown KY. Our intent through this partnership was to create and sell chocolate boxes of 10 chocolates for the upcoming events such as Mother’s Day, teacher appreciation week, and the Derby. There are five flavors incorporated throughout the boxes, consisting of carmel, orange, raspberry, butter pecan, tiramisu, and cappuccino. There will be boxes of both individual flavors and mixed flavors.”

While the bazaar is a few weeks away, students are preparing already for the event. Sonya Currens, the culinary teacher at Great Crossing, explained, “My students in the culinary class are going to start brainstorming to come up with our ideas of what we’re going to sell. We had some favorites that we are definitely going to do again, like cupcakes, but they are going to be spring-themed.” 

Culinary products can’t be prepared very far in advance, so students are doing all they can to prepare now. Currens explained, “We will start working on grocery lists, teams, deciding who is going to be making what. We will consider what is going to be our cost.” 

As the day of the bazaar comes closer, culinary students can feel stressed due to the time crunch. Curren stated, “We will be making items the week of the spring bazaar. We really can’t afford any mess-ups, because we don’t have the time to recoup.”

CTE teachers want students to take advantage of the opportunity that they have been given to showcase what they have learned. They want to show their students the satisfaction of having their hard work appreciated.

Currens said, “I want to see them have the responsibility and ownership of making a product and selling them and getting satisfaction from that. I hope to see more community recognition and that would be by selling out of our products.”

Apart from preparations, everyone is hoping that this bazaar will turn out to be another success and is embraced again by the community. McGuffey said, “I hope that this year’s Spring Bazaar shows the hard work that each student has put in their products and to bring smiles to families and staff purchasing the products.”